May 3, 2016

Perry After School: Alien Stories Part 1

In the vastness of space… are we alone? Regardless of the actual answer to that question, we asked Perry After School students to create a story that in some way included an extraterrestrial being.

April 26, 2016

Perry After School: Hobbies

We asked students at Perry Traditional Academy in the North Side to tell us about their favorite hobby. There were a lot of creative answers in the room. What makes a hobby interesting? What advice might you give someone who wants to get involved in your hobby of choice?

March 18, 2016

Perry After School: In 10 Years

We asked Radio Club members at the North Side’s Perry Traditional Academy to take out their crystal ball and gaze 10 years into the future. Where do they see themselves living? What will their profession be? What do they see themselves achieving?

March 1, 2016

Perry After School: My Name

Whether it’s a pet, a car, or a person – there’s a lot of thought that goes into naming something. And when that name is your own, you don’t even get to choose it! We asked out Perry Traditional Academy group what they knew about their own first names. Is there a story behind their moniker? Would they change their name and, if so, what would they change it to?

February 9, 2016

Perry After School: Relationships Round Table

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, our group of young ladies at Perry after school decided to have a conversation about relationships and the trials and triumphs that can accompany them.