Adult with glasses and headphones speaking into a microphone and smiling in profile

Larry Berger

Acting Chair

Executive Director,
SLB Radio Productions

Adult with short dark brown hair, a black striped suit jacket, a white shirt, and a red, white, and black striped tie smiling in profile

Mark R. Kuczinski


Chief Financial Officer,
The Pavement Group

Adult with long blonde hair smirking in profile

Rikki L. Berger

Executive Producer,
SLB Radio Productions

Adult with short white hair, a black suit jacket, and a white shirt smiling in profile

Ken Doyno

Senior Principal & President,

Rothschild Doyno Collaborative

Adult with black hair, large earrings, and a silver necklace depicting an elephant, smiling in profile

Amber Farr

Director, One Northside —
The Buhl Foundation

Black and white image of a man in sunglasses and a denim jack posing in profile in front of a statue of a tyrannosaurus rex

Ryan Hizer

Senior Creative Manager,

Showclix/Patron Technology

Adult with brown hair, a black blazer, a gold necklace, and a black shirt posing in profile on a green chair

Carol McCague

Senior Consultant,
Renaissance Partners, LLC

Adult with a blue baseball cap with "Pitt" written on it, glasses, and a blue football jersey posing in profile

Bruce D. Mountjoy

Legal Support,
Citizens Bank

Bald adult with a short mustache, a black suit jacket, and a blue and white striped collared shirt smiling in profile

Matthew J. Nelko

Broadcast Producer, ABC News
Principal, Nelko Media Strate

Adult with long curly black hair, a blue headband, and a gray, white, pink, and blue striped sweater smiling in profile

Elizabeth Birungi McBride

Outpatient Therapist,
The Persad Center