The Saturday Light Brigade is where our history begins. Broadcast since 1978, “the show that gets your weekend off to a good start” has connected generations of people as they listen and interact beyond the narrow boundaries typically associated with commercial radio. Kids listen with adults, adults listen with kids, and everyone has fun listening to the radio together. Honored with 16 national, state, and local awards, The Saturday Light Brigade airs music heard nowhere else, puzzles and games all can enjoy, and segments with youth and adult guests, all proudly presented live and in real-time with host Larry Berger every Saturday morning from 6 to noon Eastern.

What You'll Hear

  • Folk, jazz, bluegrass, world music and more
  • Original puzzles and games
  • Live audience participation
  • Interviews with nonprofits, artists, and community leaders
  • Youth writers, musicians, actors, and panels
  • Live performances by local and regional artists

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