Adult with black hat, glasses, and a beard and mustache adjusting a microphone in a radio studio while children sitting around a table are watching

Educate. Empower. Build Community.

SLB Radio Productions, Inc. (SLB) uses radio and audio to amplify voices of youth—and members of other communities whose stories are often marginalized—to educate, empower, and build community. We believe that all people have the capacity to develop authentic voices and know that their voices matter—that they matter—and that their voices can be used for self-expression, inquiry, and change.

SLB incorporates these methods into real world learning opportunities that keep students deeply engaged as they sharpen academic skills (e.g. speaking, active listening, reading, writing); workforce readiness skills (interviewing, working in teams, meeting deadlines, following a process, sifting through data); technical skills (digital storytelling, editing); and life skills (creative expression, critical thinking, confidence, cooperation, respect for others, curiosity).

Why Radio?

  • Radio is a tremendous equalizer; all can participate regardless of physical capability or appearance.
  • Radio stresses fundamental language and communications skills as well as imagination, creating a sense of individual engagement similar to being with another human being.
  • Radio provides a degree of privacy (participants need not be photographed) and helps sharpen important life skills (e.g., speaking and listening, imagination, creative expression, critical thinking, respect for others, confidence, cooperation and technical curiosity).
  • Radio is cost effective to produce and distribute.
  • Most importantly, children and youth tell us time and again that radio, unlike video, offers them a chance to be themselves.