an adult helping three youth wearing headphones in a recording booth

SLB Radio is co-located on the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh campus with good reason—we wanted a publicly-accessible location that would make it easy for you to visit! While we’re an independent non-profit organization, our co-location makes it easy to schedule field trips, see a live broadcast, or meet with us to discuss a special project.

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Our Studio:

10 Children’s Way, Suite 21
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
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Reasons to Visit

  • Observe and participate in a live broadcast.
  • Learn new skills during youth and adult workshops.
  • Meet people interested in audio production.
  • Record a podcast.
  • Learn about audio editing and podcasting.

Our New Facilities

Our Youth Media Center includes five studios, eight editing stations, two flexible classrooms, large display screens, and interconnections for live broadcasts, podcasts, audio production, and interactive meetings. Microphones, digital recorders, and other gear are also available for onsite use and loans.

Teen speaking into a microphone while an adult in shadow holds a nearby lamp
Two teens wearing face masks and headphones operating a midi keyboard plugged into an Apple computer
Youth wearing headphones recording in soundproof pods
An adult gesturing with their hands as teens sitting around two tables watch
Two teens looking at a white board with multiple images drawn onto it and the text "What's One Pro and one Con of Summer?", "Pros" and "Cons" written on it
Adult speaking into a microphone to a large audience of adults
Teen making a greeting card on a table with stickers, colored paper, bins with art supplies, and a wastebasket on it
Seven youth and their guardian adult being interviewed by an adult in a radio studio
Teen playing a piano with other instruments in the background
A teen speaking into a microphone in front of a large screen displaying outer space