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We established our studios in the Children’s Museum in 2004. Fifteen years later, we’re expanding the facilities that serve The Saturday Light Brigade and Youth Express as well as our classroom, oral history, and podcast programs. We’ll be adding two new studios, a new performance space & audience area, and a state-of-the-art media-making classroom, all in support of our mission of using radio and audio to amplify voices of youth—and members of other communities whose stories are often marginalized—to educate, empower, and build community. We hope you’ll consider a mid-year donation as part of our July Jumpstart to help support this important expansion. Donate now!   Update: As of 7/18, we’ve reached $2,975 from 44 donors! 

Check out our studio expansion plans here—>SLB Studio Expansion 

July 20, 2019
6:05am Early Bird Stumper
6:35am Historiddle
7:00am Write On Contest Story: Mr. Jello: The Spooky Hill
7:05am Afterthoughts
7:35am Brigade Charade
8:05am Sound Hound
8:35am One-of-A-Kind Wonder Word
9:05am Guess Who
10:00am Write On Contest Story: The Not So Scary Science Monster
10:05am Live Music: 123 Andrés
11:00am Crossing Fences: Thaddeus Mosley
11:05am Live Music: Scott and Rosanna
July 27, 2019
7:00am Write On Contest Story: The Calendar Kid
10:00am Write On Contest Story: The Walk Away House
11:05am Live Music: Ron Jozwiak
August 3, 2019
7:00am Write On Contest Story: Knomey the Magical Gnome
10:00am Write On Contest Story: No Horn
10:05am Youth Express: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Pittsburgh
10:35am Youth Express: Amanda Kengor






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