September 22, 2018
6:05am Early Bird Puzzle
6:35am Historiddle
7:05am Afterthoughts
7:35am Brigade Charade
8:05am Crossword Puzzle of the Air
8:35am One-of-A-Kind Wonder Word
9:05am Guess Who!
10:05am Youth Express: Alexis Batchelder
10:35am Youth Express: 2018 PCS Winner
11:00am Crossing Fences: Quincy Kofi Swatson
11:05am Live Music: The Rough and Tumble
September 29, 2018
7:50am Martin Swinger: Friendship House Concert
8:35am In Studio Pop-up: Steel City Shakespeare
8:35am One-of-A-Kind Wonder Word
October 6, 2018
8:35am In Studio Pop-up: Pittsburgh Savoyards
10:05am Youth Express: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Pittsburgh
11:05am Live Music: Sweaty Already String Band






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