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SLB Radio Productions, Inc. uses radio and audio to amplify voices of youth — and members of other communities whose stories are often marginalized — to educate, empower, and build community. We believe that all people have the capacity to develop authentic voices and know that their voices matter — that they matter — and that their voices can be used for self-expression, inquiry, and change.

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May 25, 2024

Live Music: Elliot Pullen

From 05/25/2024: Acoustic singer/songwriter Elliot Pullen
May 25, 2024

Youth Express: Teen Poets

From 05/25/2024: Teen poet Linda Kong (11th grade, North Allegheny High School) and City of Asylum Youth Poet Laureate Hallie Dong (11th grade, Sewickley Academy) 
May 25, 2024

Youth Express: Through the Galaxy, Professa T

From 05/25/2024: Taneiya Young sharing her music, work, and the process behind her new album Professa T, Through the Galaxy
May 25, 2024

Interview: The Nacirema Society

From 05/25/2024: Joyce Meggerson-Moore and Eileen J. Morris on the New Horizon Theater production of The Nacirema Society, Pittsburgh Public Theater Hellen Wayne Rauh Rehearsal Hall, 5/31 to 6/16
May 25, 2024

Interview: PattyFest, Jeanie Howard

From 05/25/2024: Jeanie Howard with information on PattyFest, an annual old-time music festival at East Fairmont High School, 6/1 (9 am to 8 pm), Fairmont, WV.
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