Propel Homestead Afterschool Oral History Program 2015


In Spring of 2015, SLB Radio Productions, Inc., in partnership with Propel Homestead, convened a group of middle school students during their afterschool program. While learning about digital audio recording, the students also spent time discussing attributes of role models and important issues within their community. They then conducted interviews at the Rainbow Kitchen. With support as needed, students then arranged and edited these interviews.

Listen below for the interviews, their reflections and their thoughts on their neighborhoods.

Discussion about neighborhoods:


Download Audio FileCheyenne

Download Audio FileDominique

Download Audio FileJulian


Download Audio FileMayor Betty

Download Audio FileMarlene “Miss Pumpkin” Murphy



Download Audio FileLaila  on interviewing Mayor Betty

Download Audio FileDominique on interviewing Mayor Betty

Download Audio FileJulian on interviewing Miss Pumpkin

Download Audio FileCheyenne on interviewing Miss Pumpkin


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