Generation Freedom Tree – Oral History

In Summer of 2016, SLB Radio Productions, Inc., in partnership with Generation Freedom Tree, convened a group of students to conduct interviews with community leaders and mentors. Generation Freedom Tree’s mission is to educate, entertain, and create a place of freedom to one’s self and power. By allowing children and teens to have the freedom to be themselves, we allow them to truly THINK for themselves and teach one another.

Special thanks to Dawn Webb-Turner and the participating students: Abijah, China, Dejsha, Donald, Elayna, Elijah, Nicolette and Nyre.
Listen below to hear these interviews and student reflections on the process:


Download Audio FileChelsea Glover, Teacher/Entrepreneur

Download Audio FileChukky Okobi, Entrepreneur/Artist/Former Steeler

Download Audio FileKelly Morrissey, Restaurant Owner

After the interviews were conducted, students reflected on their conversations with the local business owners.

Download Audio FileStudent Reflections

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