With your gift, you let a child know that her voice matters. That she matters.

You tell a teenager that he has your attention, and that what he shares through the magic of audio has value and can change opinions.

You let a group of middle-schoolers know that they can ask questions of someone very different from themselves and listen with empathy so the interview that comes to life is both intimate and unique.

And you bring all of these voices to air on The Saturday Light Brigade each week along with puzzles, music, interviews, and performances heard nowhere else.

You make these moments happen! Please join your neighbors and change lives. Thank you!

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We value your donation

We are committed to being good stewards of your contributions by maximizing our mission impact and minimizing overhead and unneeded expenses.  Details regarding our programs, results, financials and operations can be found on our Guidestar page.  Official registration and financial information of SLB Radio Productions, Inc. can be obtained by calling the Pennsylvania Department of State at 1.800.732.0999.  Registration does not imply endorsement within Pennsylvania.