Staff Educator

Deanna Baringer

412-586-6300 x6

Executive Director

Larry Berger

412.586.6300 x1

Executive Producer

Rikki Berger

412.586.6300 x1

Director of Development

Susan Blackman

412.586.6300 x5

Director of Operations

Robert Gray

412.586.6300 x7

Manager of Production & Distribution

Chad Green

412.586.6300 x3

Staff Educator

Britt Haefeli

412-586-6300 x9

Senior Staff Educator

Ben Rutkowski

412.586.6300 x2

Director of Programs

Chanessa Schuler

412.586.6300 x8

Associate Producer

Alexis Thompson

412-586-6300 x0

Manager of Special Programs

Tad Wissel

412.586.6300 x4