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April 25, 2024

Paper Flower Poems, Spring 2024

If you're reading this, you might've discovered a paper flower poem. This April, students at the Youth Media Center crafted flowers from tissue paper and wire and attached QR codes leading to this collection of recordings. They chose favorite poems to read and wrote some of their own. Like flowers,
February 29, 2024

New Hazlett Theater CSA 2023-2024 Student Reviews

Students from SLB Radio's Youth Media center after school program share their reviews of the New Hazlett Theater's CSA productions for the 2023-2024 season.
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Title Collection Duration Date
Play/Pause Olive - Transplanted by Emily Dickinson 0:36 Apr 25, 2024 Download
Play/Pause Milo - The First Rose of Summer by Oliver Herford 0:53 Apr 25, 2024 Download
Play/Pause Lilah - A New Flower Poem 0:43 Apr 25, 2024 Download
Play/Pause Lena - Still I Rise by Maya Angelou 0:38 Apr 25, 2024 Download
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