Youth Places Manchester: Why Play is Important

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After a discussion about why it is important to have time for play, students in Radio Club at Youth Places Manchester wrote and recorded these pieces describing why play is important and the things they like to do to play.    They then learned how to edit their own pieces using Adobe Audition.

These pieces are a result of one of five weekly sessions in which students are learning about the microphones, mixers and digital recorders used in producing features for radio.

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Download Audio FileChiyeh [audio: Places/Play/Chiyeh.mp3]

Download Audio FileJamie [audio: Places/Play/Jamie.mp3]

Download Audio FileKevin [audio: Places/Play/Kevin.mp3][/column]

Download Audio FileTimothy [audio: Places/Play/Tim.mp3]

Download Audio FileTyreek [audio: Places/Play/Tyreek.mp3]

Download Audio FileTyrique [audio: Places/Play/Tyrique.mp3]


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