Youth Express: Pittsburgh Musical Theater, Beauty and the Beast

From 10/21/2017: Mia Schmidtetter (18, Fox Chapel), Dara Kovacevic (16, Pittsburgh CAPA), Tanell Franklin-Phillips (17, Lincoln Park Performing Arts), Aubrie Knap (18, Pine Richland), Brecken Farrell (16, Knoch), Teodora Bikowski (9, Bon Meade Elementary), Amarianna Busa (16, Pine Richland), Ilyssa Bails (10, Community Day School), Rachael Parsons (12, Thomas Jefferson), Ben Godley-Fisher (14, Obama Academy), Nick Staso (17,Lincoln Park Performing Arts), preview Beauty and the Beast, 10/26 to 10/29, Byham Theater.

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