Youth Express: EdCorps, Real World Scholars

From 04/17/2021: Layla Spearman (5th grade), Brandon Esek (5th grade), Ethan Green (6th grade), and Kristy Frohliger (instructor) from Whitehall Elementary, Tim Barnes (teacher) from West Greene Jr. Sr. High School, Megan Patton (teacher) from Carmichaels Area School District, and Christen Dunn from Real World Scholars talk about the businesses set up through the EdCorps program.

EdCorps projects on SLB

Baldwin Whitehall projects:

  • BW Creations
  • Inspirations with Pod BW, a podcast found on Apple Podcasts and Spotify

West Greene Jr. Sr. High School business:

Carmichaels Area School District business:

: :