YMAP : Wilkinsburg, Obama and Brashear


The Youth Media Advocacy project teaches local high school students how to use the media to gain a voice in the community, and helps them hone ideas for advocacy campaigns that will aid their schools and communities. Students from Wilkinsburg High School, Pittsburgh Obama and Pittsburgh Brashear return to classrooms after Winter break to discuss education issues and set goals for 2015.

Download Audio FileBrashear: Pass Interference


Download Audio FileObama: More Clubs

[audio:http://archived.slbradio.org/mp3/ymap/2015/Obama/More Clubs_Mixdown.mp3]

Download Audio FileObama: Think Bright

[audio:http://archived.slbradio.org/mp3/ymap/2015/Obama/Period 5_Think Bright_Mixdown.mp3]

Download Audio FileWilkinsburg: Cell Phones Class 1


Download Audio FileWilkinsburg: Cell Phones Class 2


Download Audio FileWilkinsburg: School Pride

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