Wilkinsburg After School: Police Brutality/Why We Are Scared of The Police

Students get into a deep conversation when talking about some events that happened over a couple weeks ago. They also talk on why they are scared of the police.IMG_6149_Web

Download Audio FilePolice Brutality

[audio:http://archived.slbradio.org/mp3/CPE/Wilkinsburg/Wilkinsburg After School/2014-12-11/Finished/2014-12-16_Police Brutality.mp3]

Download Audio FileWhy We Are Scared of The Police

[audio:http://archived.slbradio.org/mp3/CPE/Wilkinsburg/Wilkinsburg After School/2014-12-11/Finished/2014-12-16_Why People Are Scared of The Police.mp3]


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