The ZONE: The American Dream

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The “American Dream” discussion topic produced such awesome responses at Clairton, it was decided that students at The Zone would be asked what they thought of this national ethos as well. After being presented with a series of historic examples of the American Dream in action (i.e. Manifest Destiny, “An American Tail,” Jay-Z), the students then wrote and recorded the pieces below.

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Download Audio FileCaniysha [audio: ZONE/2013-2014/11-6 American Dream/Caniysha.mp3]

Download Audio FileJa’Quaznai [audio: ZONE/2013-2014/11-6 American Dream/Ja’Quaznai.mp3]

Download Audio FileJamar [audio: ZONE/2013-2014/11-6 American Dream/Jamar.mp3][/column]

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Download Audio FileJamiya [audio: ZONE/2013-2014/11-6 American Dream/Jamiya.mp3]

Download Audio FileTyasia [audio: ZONE/2013-2014/11-6 American Dream/Tyasia.mp3][/column]


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