The ZONE: If I Could Add a New Class

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On our 3rd meeting at The ZONE, students were asked what classes they would like to add to their curriculum. High on the “want list” were: Boxing, Fashion Design, and Spanish so you can confuse non-Spanish speaking people. They then got a crash course on audio editing and decoupage!

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Download Audio FileArianna [audio: ZONE/2013-2014/10-16 New Class/Arianna_12_NewClass.mp3]

Download Audio FileCyaeja [audio: ZONE/2013-2014/10-16 New Class/Cyajae_12_NewClass.mp3]

Download Audio FileDaquan [audio: ZONE/2013-2014/10-16 New Class/Daquan_13_NewClass.mp3]

Download Audio FileJamar [audio: ZONE/2013-2014/10-16 New Class/Jamar_11_NewClass.mp3][/column]

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Download Audio FileKiyauna [audio: ZONE/2013-2014/10-16 New Class/Kiyauna_12_NewClass.mp3]

Download Audio FileRaunaya [audio: ZONE/2013-2014/10-16 New Class/Raunaya_13_NewClass.mp3]

Download Audio FileSierra [audio: ZONE/2013-2014/10-16 New Class/Sierra_12_NewClass.mp3][/column]

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