The ZONE: Changing Our Communities

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Our third and fourth meetings of The ZONE’s 2nd semester Radio Club focused on communities, the issues prevalent within them and the ways in which we can help change them for the better.

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Download Audio FileBrandon [audio: ZONE/2013-2014/2-19 Issues & Concerns/Brandon_13_Concerns.mp3]

Download Audio FileKaniah [audio: ZONE/2013-2014/2-19 Issues & Concerns/Kaniah_13_Concerns.mp3]

Download Audio FileKiona [audio: ZONE/2013-2014/2-19 Issues & Concerns/Kiona_13_Concerns.mp3]

Download Audio FileMichael [audio: ZONE/2013-2014/2-19 Issues & Concerns/Michael_13_Concerns.mp3]

Download Audio FileSaraya [audio: ZONE/2013-2014/2-19 Issues & Concerns/Saraya_13_Concerns.mp3][/column]

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Download Audio FileSylvia [audio: ZONE/2013-2014/2-19 Issues & Concerns/Sylvia_13_Concerns.mp3]

Download Audio FileTiara [audio: ZONE/2013-2014/2-19 Issues & Concerns/Tiara_13_Concerns.mp3]

Download Audio FileEarl [audio: ZONE/2013-2014/2-26 More Issues & Concerns/Earl_13_Issuses&Concerns.mp3]

Download Audio FileKaelin [audio: ZONE/2013-2014/2-26 More Issues & Concerns/Kaelin_13_Issuses&Concerns.mp3]

Download Audio FileRobert [audio: ZONE/2013-2014/2-26 More Issues & Concerns/Robert_13_Issuses&Concerns.mp3][/column]



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