The Green Compass Season 3

“Exploring the road to a better Pittsburgh – Where we are and where we are going.”

Twenty-six students about to enter their first year of college (and two older college students) created these radio features as Summer Interns at The Heinz Endowments. Because the Summer 2011 internship program focused on issues of sustainability, the resulting features cover a range of community and environmental issues. While SLB provided training and coaching, the features presented here were conceived and created entirely by the students in a single week.



Download Audio FileSocial Networking

Ainslei Payne-Reid, Brenna Smit, Seth Diggs and Willa Seybolt speak with Olga George (KDKA-TV), Jennifer Snyder-Duch, Ph. D. (Carlow University), and teens and young adults about the effects of social networking on today’s society.

Download Audio FileSolar Roadways

Cara Kennedy and Themba Searles profile Scott Brusaw (Solar Roadways) about his vision
for sustainable highways.

Download Audio FileVoices of Homelessness

Colton Sankey and Michael Richards speak with Charles Walker (homeless veteran), Debra (formerly
homeless), Diane McMahon (Community Human Services) and Vishwajit L. Nimgaonkar, M.D., Ph.D.
(University of Pittsburgh) about misconceptions of homelessness.

Download Audio FileSocial Impacts of Marcellus Shale Gas Production

Hanna Trivilino, Robert Poling and Sakina Blackman speak with Billie Jo Weyant (Citizens Against Physical, Sexual and Emotional Abuse), Stephanie Hamel, Ph D. (Environmental Scientist) and Terry McLaughlin (Trax Farms) about how rural communities and families have been impacted by Marcellus shale gas production with respect to crime, community life, domestic harmony and other social issues.

Download Audio FileState Budget Cuts Impact on K-12 Education

Aleisha Starkey and Autumn Vogel speak with Majestic Lane (Sr. Executive Assistant to State Sen. Jim Ferlo)
and Michelle Figlar (Pittsburgh Association for the Education of Young Children) about the impact of state
budget cuts on students in Grades K-12.

Download Audio FileEmployment of Youth Exiting Foster Care

Gabriel Beru and Jamara Mosby speak with Keith Johnson (YouthWorks) and youth raised in foster homes
about difficulties in finding employment after aging out of foster care.

Download Audio FileClean Air: A Work In Progress

Alicia McAllister and Lindsay Bell talk with Sister Mary Damian (Benedictine Sisters of Pittsburgh), Leonard
McAllister (former steelworker), Rachel Filippini (GASP) and Wayne P. Gdovic (South Allegheny School
District) about our region’s ongoing air quality challenges.

Download Audio FileArts Education: Worth Fighting For!

Agness Fanny Nyama, Kayla Starta and Tyler Churchel speak with Marilyn Egan (Pittsburgh Opera), Sarah
Tambucci, Ph. D. (Arts Education Collaborative), Tyler Jetter (musical theater major at Point Park University)
and middle school students at Pittsburgh Public Schools about the importance of arts education.

Download Audio FileA Plus Side to Higher Gasoline Prices

Ben Vockley and Che’Vaughnne Bronaugh speak with Michael Griffin, Ph. D. (Carnegie Mellon University)
and Colleen Lehman (Howard Hanna) about impact of rising gas prices on human behavior
and the environment. Intern Kayla Johnson-Harris also served in this group.

Download Audio FileMass Transit in “America’s Most Livable City”

Tori Hirata and Tristan Freeman speak with Heather Pharo (Port Authority of Allegheny County), Bob Firth
(Informing Design) and recent high school graduate Devontay Eberhardt about the state of mass transit
in our region.

Download Audio FileState Budget Cuts: Impact on Higher Education

Daniel Law speaks with Paul Supowitz (University of Pittsburgh), Sen. Daylin Leach
(D-Delaware/Montgomery), Rep. Dan B. Frankel (D-Allegheny) and Rep. H. Scott Conklin (D-Centre) about
budget cuts to higher education.

Download Audio FileDreams for the Future: The Importance of Public Education

Abbie Ferry hears from children about their dreams for the future and provides a sobering reminder of the
impact state funding cuts could have on their coming true.




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