The Green Compass Season 2

“Exploring the road to a better Pittsburgh – Where we are and where we are going.”

In July 2010, twenty students about to enter their first year of college created these nine radio documentaries as part of their position as Summer Interns at The Heinz Endowments. Because the internship program focused on environmental issues, students developed radio features covering a range of environmental issues. While SLB provided training and coaching, the documentaries presented here were entirely conceived and created by the students in just one week.

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Download Audio FileDirty Rivers

Shana Williams and Conner Plunkett speak with kids visiting the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, Arthur Tamilia (ALCOSAN)
and Len Jesteadt (Millvale Marina) about the water quality in Pittsburgh’s rivers.

Download Audio FileOverpopulation

Hannah Somers, Tristan Caloyer and Jessica Tarantine speak with Bill Ryerson (The Population Institute and Media Center)
and Dr. Lipika Mazumdar (University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg) about the effects of overpopulation on the earth and its resources.

Download Audio FilePark Violence

Brianna Evans-Potter and Chalese Floyd speak with boys (ages 11-13) and Alicia Andrews (Human Services Corp.)
about the violence that occurs in public parks.

Download Audio FileGlobal Warming

Jasmine Springer, Kaity Ripple and Lonnie Carroll speak with Sharon Pillar (Citizens for Pennsylvania’s Future)
and Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh visitors about global climate change and people’s perceptions of the issue.

Download Audio FileGulf Oil Spill

Travis Maloy and Doretha Murray speak with Eric Liffmann (International Bird Rescue Research Center)
and Captain Damon McKnight (charter fisherman) about the effects of the 2010 Gulf Coast oil spill on the area’s water systems and wildlife.

Download Audio FileSustainable Pittsburgh

Sabina Lemo, Pankaj Aggerwal and Paula Simon.

Download Audio FileGreen Jobs
Talia Kirkland and Aleesha Allen speak with Maureen Copeland (GTECH Strategies) and Mike Gabel (Construction Junction)
about how the green jobs movement can ease the unemployment rate.

Download Audio FileSafe Cosmetics

Tessa Hochberg, Mukui Mutunga and Ashley Cullens speak with girls (ages 11-13), Sarah Alessio (Pennsylvania Resources Council)
and Stacy Malkan (author) about the effects of personal care products and cosmetics on young girls’ health.

Download Audio FileCarbon Footprint

Christina Brown, Anna Koebley and Miles Early speak with Eric Beckman (University of Pittsburgh)
and some children at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh about energy use and ways to reduce.

Download Audio FilePark Violence Montage

Additional comments from the boys interviewed about park violence.



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