The Ellis School: Voice and Vision – Water Matters


The Ellis School Voice and Vision class for 9th grade students revolves around advocacy, digital citizenship, and local to global understandings about water as a 21st century challenge. Students researched local water issues and worked in pairs. They then created  an infographic poster around a theme, like fracking. They then worked with SLB to record a Public Service Announcement (PSA) on their topic of choice.

Listen below as each team reads their PSA.

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Download Audio FileAbby and Addie

[audio: Water PSA/Abby_Addie_Final.mp3]

Download Audio FileAlison and Olivia S.

[audio: Water PSA/Alison_Olivia_Final.mp3]

Download Audio FileAmani and Sierra

[audio: Water PSA/Amani_Sierra_Final.mp3]

Download Audio FileStephanie and Amelia

[audio: Water PSA/Amelia_Stephanie_Final.mp3]

Download Audio FileAnya and Bryn

[audio: Water PSA/Anya_Bryn_Final.mp3]

Download Audio FileBecca and Renee

[audio: Water PSA/Becca_Renee_Final.mp3]

Download Audio FileBreanna and Sydne

[audio: Water PSA/Breanna_Sydne_Final.mp3]

Download Audio FileDory and Helen

[audio: Water PSA/Dory_Helen_Final.mp3]

Download Audio FileEmma, Gussie and Lucia

[audio: Water PSA/Emma_Gussie_Lucia_Final.mp3]

[/column]Download Audio FileEmmy and Roxie

[audio: Water PSA/Emmy_Roxy_Final.mp3]

Download Audio FileErica and Mady

[audio: Water PSA/Erica_Mady_Final.mp3]

Download Audio FileIsi and Leah

[audio: Water PSA/Isi_Leah_Final.mp3]

Download Audio FileLauren and Kaia

[audio: Water PSA/Lauren_Kaia_Final.mp3]

Download Audio FileLillian and Katharine

[audio: Water PSA/Lillian_Katharine_Final.mp3]

Download Audio FileNesta and Yumika

[audio: Water PSA/Nesta_Yumika_Final.mp3]

Download Audio FileOlivia P. and Hannah

[audio: Water PSA/Olivia_Hannah_Final.mp3]

Download Audio FilePayton and Louise

[audio: Water PSA/Payton_Louise_Final.mp3]

Download Audio FileRaleigh and Rebecca

[audio: Water PSA/Raleigh_Rebecca_Final.mp3]
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