Camp Fun: Three Things & Interview


We had a great first meeting with the young people at Camp Fun (a program of Shadow Student Athletes) in Warrington. Our radio campers got the hang of microphone technique and recording in no time. Everyone got a turn sharing three things about themselves on mic at the front of the room.

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Download Audio FileEddie

[audio: Student Athletes/6-26-2015/Eddie_14_Three_Things.mp3]

Download Audio FileEric

[audio: Student Athletes/6-26-2015/Eric_12_Three_Things.mp3]

Download Audio FileJayla

[audio: Student Athletes/6-26-2015/Jayla_12_Three_Things.mp3]


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Download Audio FileKeira

[audio: Student Athletes/6-26-2015/Keira_13_Three_Things.mp3]

Download Audio FileRashad

[audio: Student Athletes/6-26-2015/Rashad_12_Three_Things.mp3]

Download Audio FileWilliam

[audio: Student Athletes/6-26-2015/William_12_Three_Things.mp3]



After we got to know each other a little better and talk about our goals for the summer, campers practiced their interviewing skills on support staff member Rick Bigelow. Click below to hear Coach Biggs talk about his time as a Division I basketball player and feeding hot dogs to an alligator that lived near his dormitory.

Download Audio FileCoach Rick Bigelow

[audio: Student Athletes/6-26-2015/Coach Bigelow Final.mp3]


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