Sarah Heinz House Alumni Reflections 2014

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In Spring of 2014, students involved in the Media Lab at Sarah Heinz House convened to conduct interviews with Sarah Heinz House alumni.  While learning about digital audio recording, the students also discussed the importance of storytelling through the oral tradition and the impact of Sarah Heinz House on their lives and the lives of past participants.  Over the course of 4 workshops, students created interview questions and interviewed alumni.  Listen below to hear excerpts from these interviews as well as each student’s thoughts on role models.

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Role Models

Download Audio FileAlex

[audio: Heinz House/2014 alumni reflections/Role Models/Alex.mp3]

Download Audio FileBria

[audio: Heinz House/2014 alumni reflections/Role Models/Bria.mp3]

Download Audio FileJacob

[audio: Heinz House/2014 alumni reflections/Role Models/Jacob.mp3]

Download Audio FileKyleah

[audio: Heinz House/2014 alumni reflections/Role Models/kyleah.mp3]

Download Audio FileMaia

[audio: Heinz House/2014 alumni reflections/Role Models/Maia.mp3]

Download Audio FileTony

[audio: Heinz House/2014 alumni reflections/Role Models/Tony.mp3]




Download Audio FileBob Bechtold – interviewed by Alex and James

[audio: Heinz House/2014 alumni reflections/Interviews/Bob-Bechtold_mixdown.mp3]

Download Audio FileMary Basel – interviewed by Elizabeth and Julia

[audio: Heinz House/2014 alumni reflections/Interviews/Mary-Basel_mixdown.mp3]

Download Audio FileMatt Nichols – interviewed by Tony, Jacob and Andy

[audio: Heinz House/2014 alumni reflections/Interviews/Matt-Nichols_Redo_mixdown.mp3]

Download Audio FilePete Stackhouse – interviewed by Erin and David

[audio: Heinz House/2014 alumni reflections/Interviews/Pete-Stackhouse_mixdown.mp3]

Download Audio FileStevie Smith –  interviewed by Kylia and Maia

[audio: Heinz House/2014 alumni reflections/Interviews/Stevie-Smith_mixdown.mp3]




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