Radio Camp 2013 – Day 6 – Interview Skills & Practice

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On our sixth day of Radio Camp, after playing the super fun “Brainstorm Race” warm-up game, we learned a ton of new things about interviews: from making sure your recording equipment is working properly, to understanding the importance of open ended and follow up questions! Campers then paired up and tried out their newly acquired interviewing skills on each other.

Download Audio FileLowell & Nikko [audio: 2013/7-9 first interviews/Lowell_Nikko_edit.mp3]

Download Audio FileElaisha & Dayvonna [audio: 2013/7-9 first interviews/Elaisha_11_dayvonna_11_EDIT.mp3]

Download Audio FileDominic & Tiara [audio: 2013/7-9 first interviews/Dominic_Tiara_edit.mp3]

Download Audio FileEvonna & Ajaney [audio: 2013/7-9 first interviews/Evonna_Ajaney_interviewedit.mp3]

Download Audio FileAjaney & Evonna [audio: 2013/7-9 first interviews/Ajaney_Evonna_interviewedit.mp3]


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