Radio Camp 2014 – Day 2 – 3 Things About Me

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On our second day of Radio Camp, campers were introduced to our trademark recording roles of: Producer, Engineer and Talent. Afterwards they each received their very own reporters notebook, which they’ll write in almost everyday and shall act as a journal during the Summer. Each camper then wrote down and recorded three unique things about themselves.

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Download Audio FileAlisha

[audio: 2014/7-1/Block 1/Alisha_8_ThreeThings.mp3]

Download Audio FileCarlos

[audio: 2014/7-1/Block 1/Carlos_9_ThreeThings.mp3]

Download Audio FileJanis

[audio: 2014/7-1/Block 1/Janis_10_ThreeThings.mp3]

Download Audio FileOmar

[audio: 2014/7-1/Block 1/Omar_10_ThreeThings.mp3]

Download Audio FileOsee

[audio: 2014/7-1/Block 1/Osee_10_ThreeThings.mp3]

Download Audio FileSean

[audio: 2014/7-1/Block 1/Sean_10_ThreeThings.mp3]

Download Audio FileShanell

[audio: 2014/7-1/Block 1/Shanell_9_ThreeThings.mp3]

Download Audio FileSonia

[audio: 2014/7-1/Block 1/Sonia_9_ThreeThings.mp3]

Download Audio FileTanasha

[audio: 2014/7-1/Block 1/Tanasha_10_ThreeThings.mp3]

Download Audio FileTaylor

[audio: 2014/7-1/Block 1/Taylor_9_ThreeThings.mp3]


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Download Audio FileTyonia

[audio: 2014/7-1/Block 1/Tyonia_9_ThreeThings.mp3]

Download Audio FileAaliyah

[audio: 2014/7-1/Block 2/Aaliyah_11_ThreeThings.mp3]

Download Audio FileAlvontaye

[audio: 2014/7-1/Block 2/Alvontaye_10_ThreeThings.mp3]

Download Audio FileDominic

[audio: 2014/7-1/Block 2/Dominic_9_ThreeThings.mp3]

Download Audio FileEryka

[audio: 2014/7-1/Block 2/Eryka_9_ThreeThings.mp3]

Download Audio FileJocelynn

[audio: 2014/7-1/Block 2/Jocelynn_10_ThreeThings.mp3]

Download Audio FileKaron

[audio: 2014/7-1/Block 2/Karon_9_ThreeThings.mp3]

Download Audio FileMichelle

[audio: 2014/7-1/Block 2/Michelle_10_ThreeThings.mp3]

Download Audio FileZachary

[audio: 2014/7-1/Block 2/Zachary_9_ThreeThings.mp3]
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