Radio Camp 2015 – Day 8 & 9 – “My Best Day Ever”

Campers were asked “What would happen on your perfect day? What would you do? Who would you spend it with?” After writing and refining their responses, they then made the recordings below.

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Download Audio FileDamion

[audio: 2015/7-9/Damion_8_BestDay.mp3]

Download Audio FileSamantha

[audio: 2015/7-9/Sam_8_BestDay.mp3]

Download Audio FileDylan

[audio: 2015/7-9/50_Dylan_8_BestDay.mp3]

Download Audio FileJasmine

[audio: 2015/7-9/52_Jasmine_8_BestDay.mp3]

Download Audio FileJurnee

[audio: 2015/7-9/53_Jurnee_8_BestDay.mp3]

Download Audio FileLenaya

[audio: 2015/7-9/54_Lenaya_8_BestDay.mp3]


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Download Audio FilePramosh

[audio: 2015/7-9/56_Pramosh_8_BestDay.mp3]

Download Audio FileSamil

[audio: 2015/7-9/58_Samil_8_BestDay.mp3]

Download Audio FileSamir

[audio: 2015/7-9/59_Samir_8_BestDay.mp3]

Download Audio FileStalea

[audio: 2015/7-9/60_Stalea_7_BestDay.mp3]

Download Audio FileDaron

[audio: 2015/7-9/61_Daron_8_BestDay.mp3]

Download Audio FileAngel

[audio: 2015/7-9/62_Angel_8_BestDay.mp3]


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