Radio Camp 2015 – Day 4 – Time Travel & The “Who Am I?” Game

On our fourth day, Radio Campers had a chance to answer the classic hypothetical: “If you could travel back in time, where would you go?”

After writing and recording, we then had time to brush up on our microphone technique and play the “Who Am I?” game. Students each received a sticky note, wrote down the name of a famous person, then stuck said note to a neighbor’s forehead. Each camper then got a chance to use a wireless mic and ask Yes or No questions in an attempt to figure out who they were, all while having to exhibit perfect mic technique.

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Download Audio FileAdrianne

[audio: 2015/7-3/Adrianne_8_TimeTravel.mp3]

Download Audio FileAlora

[audio: 2015/7-3/Alora_9_TimeTravel.mp3]

Download Audio FileCraig

[audio: 2015/7-3/Craig_9_TimeTravel.mp3]

Download Audio FileDamien

[audio: 2015/7-3/Damien_7_TimeTravel.mp3]

Download Audio FileDonald

[audio: 2015/7-3/Donald_8_TimeTravel.mp3]


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Download Audio FileGeorge

[audio: 2015/7-3/George_8_TimeTravel.mp3]

Download Audio FileNioni

[audio: 2015/7-3/Nioni_8_TimeTravel.mp3]

Download Audio FileNiveah

[audio: 2015/7-3/Niveah_9_TimeTravel.mp3]

Download Audio FileSamantha

[audio: 2015/7-3/Samantha_8_TimeTravel.mp3]

Download Audio FileSamir

[audio: 2015/7-3/Samir_8_TimeTravel.mp3]


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