Radio Camp 2015 – Day 10 & 11 – “Talking Food”

Radio campers at Summer Dreamer’s Academy were asked to write a not-so-typical story, one that had to begin like this: “One night, you’re eating dinner with your family, when one of the peas on your plate starts whispering to you. What does it say?” Some campers, being of an anti-pea persuasion, supplanted said seed with their own favorite food.

Below are their recorded and quite surreal yarns.

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Download Audio FileJasmine

[audio: 2015/7-14/70_Jasmine_8_TalkingFood.mp3]

Download Audio FilePhil

[audio: 2015/7-14/80_Phil_9_TalkingFood.mp3]

Download Audio FileSam

[audio: 2015/7-14/83_Sam_8_TalkingFood.mp3]

Download Audio FileStalea

[audio: 2015/7-14/85_Stalea_7_TalkingFood.mp3]

Download Audio FileAngel

[audio: 2015/7-14/63_Angel_8_TalkingFood.mp3]

Download Audio FileCraig

[audio: 2015/7-14/64_Craig_9_TalkingFood.mp3]

Download Audio FileDamion

[audio: 2015/7-14/65_Damion_8_TalkingFood.mp3]


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Download Audio FileDonald

[audio: 2015/7-14/66_Donald_8_TalkingFood.mp3]

Download Audio FileDonta

[audio: 2015/7-14/67_Donta_8_TalkingFood.mp3]

Download Audio FileElijah

[audio: 2015/7-14/68_Elijah_8_TalkingFood.mp3]

Download Audio FileJessica

[audio: 2015/7-14/71_Jessica_8_TalkingFood.mp3]

Download Audio FileLenaya

[audio: 2015/7-14/75_Lenaya_8_TalkingFood.mp3]

Download Audio FileNola

[audio: 2015/7-14/78_Nola_8_TalkingFood.mp3]

Download Audio FileSamir

[audio: 2015/7-14/84_Samir_8_TalkingFood.mp3]

Download Audio FileAlora

[audio: 2015/7-14/86_Alora_9_TalkingFood.mp3]



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