Radio Camp 2014 – Day 6 – “When I’m Older…”

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On our sixth day of Radio Camp, campers were asked what they would like to be when they grow up. In class we have an aspiring Jacksonville Jaguar quarterback (don’t worry, there’s a plan), a doctor by day and a humanitarian jitney by night combo (like a very mild mannered Batman) and a ton of future teachers.

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Download Audio FileShanell

[audio: 2014/7-8/Shanell_9_WhenIAmOlder.mp3]

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[audio: 2014/7-8/Eryka_9_WhenIAmOlder.mp3]

Download Audio FileTyonia

[audio: 2014/7-8/Tyonia_9_WhenIAmOlder.mp3]

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[audio: 2014/7-8/Jayona_10_WhenIAmOlder.mp3]

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[audio: 2014/7-8/Latoya_11_WhenIAmOlder.mp3]

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[audio: 2014/7-8/Tanasha_10_WhenIAmOlder.mp3]

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[audio: 2014/7-8/Jocelynn_10_WhenIAmOlder.mp3]

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