Radio Camp 2014 – Day 25 – Radio Camp Retrospective

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On our second to last day, campers were asked to take a look back at our time spent together; what did they learn, what was their favorite activity and how much are they going to miss Radio Camp? They then got a chance to experiment with the “Whisper Tubes!”

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Download Audio FileAaliyah

[audio: 2014/8-5/Aaliyah_11_RadioCampRetro.mp3]

Download Audio FileAlisha

[audio: 2014/8-5/Alisha_8_RadioCampRetro.mp3]

Download Audio FileAlvontay

[audio: 2014/8-5/Alvontay_10_RadioCampRetro.mp3]

Download Audio FileAmirria

[audio: 2014/8-5/Amirria_10_RadioCampRetro.mp3]

Download Audio FileDominic

[audio: 2014/8-5/Dominic_9_RadioCampRetro.mp3]

Download Audio FileEryka

[audio: 2014/8-5/Eryka_9_RadioCampRetro.mp3]


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Download Audio FileJocelynn

[audio: 2014/8-5/Jocelynn_10_RadioCampRetro.mp3]

Download Audio FileMichelle

[audio: 2014/8-5/Michelle_10_RadioCampRetro.mp3]

Download Audio FileNyaira

[audio: 2014/8-5/Nyaira_9_RadioCampRetro.mp3]

Download Audio FileOsee

[audio: 2014/8-5/Osee_10_RadioCampRetro.mp3]

Download Audio FilePatrick

[audio: 2014/8-5/Patrick_9_RadioCampRetro.mp3]

Download Audio FileRichard

[audio: 2014/8-5/Richard_9_RadioCampRetro.mp3]

Download Audio FileShawn

[audio: 2014/8-5/Shawn_10_RadioCampRetro.mp3]


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