Radio Camp 2014 – Day 17 – My Favorite Memory

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On our seventeenth day, Radio Campers wrote about their favorite memories. Afterwards, they further experimented with the Makey Makey by testing things in the classroom they believed to be conductive. They then played Dance Dance Revolution on tin foil!

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Download Audio FileAnthony

[audio: 2014/7-25/Anthony_9_FavMemory.mp3]

Download Audio FileOsee

[audio: 2014/7-25/Osee_10_FavMemory.mp3]

Download Audio FilePatrick

[audio: 2014/7-25/Patrick_9_FavMemory.mp3]

Download Audio FileSonia

[audio: 2014/7-25/Sonia_9_FavMemory.mp3]

Download Audio FileTanasha

[audio: 2014/7-25/Tanasha_10_FavMemory.mp3]

Download Audio FileTyonia

[audio: 2014/7-25/Tyonia_9_FavMemory.mp3]


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Download Audio FileEryka

[audio: 2014/7-25/Eryka_9_FavoriteMemory.mp3]

Download Audio FileJayona

[audio: 2014/7-25/Jayona_10_FavoriteMemory.mp3]

Download Audio FileJocelynn

[audio: 2014/7-25/Jocelynn_10_FavoriteMemory.mp3]

Download Audio FileMichelle

[audio: 2014/7-25/Michelle_10_FavoriteMemory.mp3]

Download Audio FileZach

[audio: 2014/7-25/Zach_10_FavoriteMemory.mp3]


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