Radio Camp 2014 – Day 14 – Electricity (Before)

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On our fourteenth day we asked our Radio Campers what they knew about electricity. They were also given the opportunity to write a “silly” explanation of this shocking phenomenon. After writing and recording we went outside to play kickball.

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Download Audio FileAlisha

[audio: 2014/7-21Electricity/Alisha_8_Electricity.mp3]

Download Audio FileAnthony

[audio: 2014/7-21Electricity/Anthony_9_Electricity.mp3]

Download Audio FileDominic

[audio: 2014/7-21Electricity/Dominic_9_Electricity.mp3]

Download Audio FileJayona

[audio: 2014/7-21Electricity/Jayona_10_Electricity.mp3]

Download Audio FileJocelynn

[audio: 2014/7-21Electricity/Jocelynn_10_Electricity.mp3]

Download Audio FileSonia

[audio: 2014/7-21Electricity/Sonia_9_Electricity.mp3]

Download Audio FileTanasha

[audio: 2014/7-21Electricity/Tanasha_10_Electricity.mp3]

Download Audio FileZach

[audio: 2014/7-21Electricity/Zach_9_Electricity.mp3]
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