Radio Camp 2013 – Day 3 – A Time I Helped Someone

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On our third day of Radio Camp, we continued to learn the subtleties of our professional radio gear, but everyone is picking up quickly! Our wonderful campers are also quickly picking up what good microphone technique means, and how to make yourself sound great every time that you record!

We also started writing in our official Radio Camp Reporter’s Notebook today! We used our notepads to collect and organize our ideas for our second recording: A Time I Helped Someone. Listen to our awesome results below.

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Download Audio FileAnthony [audio: 2013/block 1/Anthony_Time I Helped.mp3]

Download Audio FileChance [audio: 2013/block 1/Chance_Time I Helped.mp3]

Download Audio FileDayvonna [audio: 2013/block 1/Dayvonna_Time I Helped.mp3]

Download Audio FileDominic [audio: 2013/block 1/Dominic_Time I Helped.mp3]

Download Audio FileElasha [audio: 2013/block 1/Elasha_Time I Helped.mp3]

Download Audio FileJayden [audio: 2013/block 1/Jayden_Time I Helped.mp3]

Download Audio FileLowell [audio: 2013/block 1/Lowell_Time I Helped.mp3]

Download Audio FileTamiya [audio: 2013/block 1/Tamiya_Time I Helped.mp3][/column]

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Download Audio FileAjanay [audio: 2013/7-3/block 2/Ajanay_10_A-Time-I-Helped.mp3]

Download Audio FileDanica [audio: 2013/7-3/block 2/Danica_11_A-Time-I-Helped.mp3]

Download Audio FileEvonna [audio: 2013/7-3/block 2/Evonna_11_A-Time-I-Helped.mp3]

Download Audio FileJashaneak [audio: 2013/7-3/block 2/Jashaneak_11_A-Time-I-Helped.mp3]

Download Audio FileJoe [audio: 2013/7-3/block 2/Joe_11_A-Time-I-Helped.mp3]

Download Audio FileMahin [audio: 2013/7-3/block 2/Mahin_10_A-Time-I-Helped.mp3]

Download Audio FileNaysia [audio: 2013/7-3/block 2/Naysia_11_A-Time-I-Helped.mp3]

Download Audio FileNivea [audio: 2013/7-3/block 2/Nivea_11_A-Time-I-Helped.mp3]

Download Audio FileRayonna [audio: 2013/7-3/block 2/Rayonna_11_A-Time-I-Helped.mp3]

Download Audio FileRoberta [audio: 2013/7-3/block 2/Roberta_11_A-Time-I-Helped.mp3]

Download Audio FileSean [audio: 2013/7-3/block 2/Sean_11_A-Time-I-Helped.mp3]

Download Audio FileTyjae [audio: 2013/7-3/block 2/Tyjae_10_A-Time-I-Helped.mp3][/column]

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