Radio Camp 2013 – Day 22 – What I Want to be When I Grow Up

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On our 22nd day, campers in our first class were asked the old classic: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” They’re an ambitious bunch: Taijaun is going to lead the technological charge in nano-robot development, Anthony is going to be an actor and Sean is going to sign with the Pittsburgh Pirates. The second class was given netbooks to type up their finished interview scripts.

Download Audio FileAnthony [audio: 2013/7-31 more what I wanna be/Anthony_11_what-I-want-to-be.mp3]

Download Audio FileTiara [audio: 2013/7-31 more what I wanna be/Tiara_12_what-I-want-to-be.mp3]

Download Audio FileTaijaun [audio: 2013/7-31 more what I wanna be/Taijaun_12_what-I-want-to-be.mp3]

Download Audio FileDayvonna [audio: 2013/7-31 more what I wanna be/Dayvonna_12_what-I-want-to-be.mp3]

Download Audio FileSean S. [audio: 2013/7-31 more what I wanna be/SeanS_12_what-I-want-to-be.mp3]


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