Radio Camp 2013 – Day 20 – Final Interviews!

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Today was a hectic day here at Radio Camp! All of our preparation and writing and rewriting has led us to this moment: our Radio Campers conducting their very own interviews!

Due to scheduling constraints, our second block will be conducting their interviews tomorrow. The following is what they recorded in the meantime.

Download Audio FileAshante [audio: 2013/7-29 What I wanna be/Ashante_12_What-I-Want-To-Be.mp3]

Download Audio FileEvonna [audio: 2013/7-29 What I wanna be/Evonna_11_What-I-Want-To-Be.mp3]

Download Audio FileKiyleaha [audio: 2013/7-29 What I wanna be/Kiyleaha_11_Want-I-want-to-be.mp3]

Download Audio FileMahin [audio: 2013/7-29 What I wanna be/Mahin_11_Want-I-want-to-be.mp3]

Download Audio FileRayonna [audio: 2013/7-29 What I wanna be/Rayonna_11_What-I-Want-To-Be.mp3]

Download Audio FileRoberta [audio: 2013/7-29 What I wanna be/Roberta_11_What-I-Want-To-Be.mp3]

Download Audio FileSean A. [audio: 2013/7-29 What I wanna be/SeanA_11_What-I-Want-To-Be.mp3]

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