Radio Camp 2013 – Day 2 – Three Things

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On our second day of Radio Camp, our dreamers came up with our radio station call letters:

WACD (We Are Classical Dreamers)

We also learned the three essential roles for any recording session–talent, producer and engineer–and then we wrote and recorded “three things about me” and put these new skills to the test.

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Block 1

Download Audio FileAnthony [audio: 2013/block 1/Anthony_3 things.mp3]

Download Audio FileChance [audio: 2013/block 1/Chance_3 things.mp3]

Download Audio FileDavonna [audio: 2013/block 1/Davonna_3 things.mp3]

Download Audio FileDominic [audio: 2013/block 1/Dominic_3 things.mp3]

Download Audio FileDyllan [audio: 2013/block 1/Dyllan_3 things.mp3]

Download Audio FileElaisha [audio: 2013/block 1/Elaisha_3 things.mp3]

Download Audio FileJayden [audio: 2013/block 1/Jayden_3 things.mp3]

Download Audio FileJoey [audio: 2013/block 1/Joey_3 things .mp3]

Download Audio FileLowell [audio: 2013/block 1/Lowell_3 things.mp3]

Download Audio FileShafiro [audio: 2013/block 1/Shafiro_3 things .mp3]

Download Audio FileTaijaun [audio: 2013/block 1/Taijaun_3 things.mp3]

Download Audio FileTamiya [audio: 2013/block 1/Tamiya_3 things.mp3]


Block 2

Download Audio FileAjanay [audio: 2013/block 2/Ajanay.mp3]

Download Audio FileAujah [audio: 2013/block 2/Aujah.mp3]

Download Audio FileDemetrius [audio: 2013/block 2/Demetrius.mp3]

Download Audio FileJashaneak [audio: 2013/block 2/Jashaneak.mp3]

Download Audio FileMahin [audio: 2013/block 2/Mahin.mp3]

Download Audio FileNaysia [audio: 2013/block 2/Naysia.mp3]

Download Audio FileNeema [audio: 2013/block 2/Neema.mp3]

Download Audio FileRayona [audio: 2013/block 2/Rayona.mp3]

Download Audio FileRoberta [audio: 2013/block 2/Roberta.mp3]

Download Audio FileSean [audio: 2013/block 2/Sean.mp3]

Download Audio FileTyjae [audio: 2013/block 2/Tyjae_3 things.mp3]

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