Radio Camp 2012 – Day 9 – What I’ve Learned So Far

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Whew, what a crazy Friday! We had the Spirit class in the afternoon – congrats to our B-block on winning the Spirit stick for the day! Both of our classes have now been honored by the Spirit Man (who may or may not be a Radio Camp teacher…)

We went to the SLB studios and wrote a few things we’ve learned in Radio Camp in our notebooks. Then, some of us got to record our reflections. We got to see editing in action as Miss May clipped out our “um”s and extra spaces and made us sound like professional radio personalities!

Here are their recordings in their final form!

[column width=”50%” padding=”0%”]Download Audio FileAhrian [audio: 2012/Day_9_AboutRadioCamp/Ahrian.mp3]

Download Audio FileAleah [audio: 2012/Day_9_AboutRadioCamp/Aleah.mp3]

Download Audio FileBrea [audio: 2012/Day_9_AboutRadioCamp/Brea.mp3]

Download Audio FileDeAndre [audio: 2012/Day_9_AboutRadioCamp/DeAndre.mp3]

Download Audio FileDe’Von [audio: 2012/Day_9_AboutRadioCamp/Devon.mp3]

Download Audio FileDevona [audio: 2012/Day_9_AboutRadioCamp/Devona.mp3]

Download Audio FileHannah [audio: 2012/Day_9_AboutRadioCamp/Hannah.mp3]

Download Audio FileJamilla [audio: 2012/Day_9_AboutRadioCamp/Jamilla.mp3]

[/column]Download Audio FileKiara [audio: 2012/Day_9_AboutRadioCamp/Kiara.mp3]

Download Audio FileLaura [audio: 2012/Day_9_AboutRadioCamp/Laura.mp3]

Download Audio FileMaya [audio: 2012/Day_9_AboutRadioCamp/Maya.mp3]

Download Audio FileMyesha [audio: 2012/Day_9_AboutRadioCamp/Myesha.mp3]

Download Audio FileOmar [audio: 2012/Day_9_AboutRadioCamp/Omar.mp3]

Download Audio FileShawn [audio: 2012/Day_9_AboutRadioCamp/Shawn.mp3]

Download Audio FileTreshawn [audio: 2012/Day_9_AboutRadioCamp/Treshawn.mp3]

Download Audio FileTyjae [audio: 2012/Day_9_AboutRadioCamp/Tyjae.mp3]


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