Radio Camp 2012 – Day 6 – Writing Songs!

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What a fun day! Today, we explored the art of songwriting. We wrote down what songs we like are about so we could get an idea of what we should write about. We decided a song can be about anything! Family, friends, our lives, our country, animals, things we like to do – even feet. Then we got straight to recording ourselves singing and talking about songwriting.  Here’s what we sound like:

Download Audio FileCierra [audio: 2012/Day_6_Songs/Cierra.mp3]

Download Audio FileHillary [audio: 2012/Day_6_Songs/Hillary.mp3]

Download Audio FileKiara [audio: 2012/Day_6_Songs/Kiara.mp3]

Download Audio FileLaura [audio: 2012/Day_6_Songs/Laura.mp3]

Download Audio FileMyesha [audio: 2012/Day_6_Songs/Myesha.mp3]

Download Audio FileOmar [audio: 2012/Day_6_Songs/Omar.mp3]

Download Audio FileTreshawn [audio: 2012/Day_6_Songs/Treshawn.mp3]

Download Audio FileTyjae [audio: 2012/Day_6_Songs/Tyjae.mp3]

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