Radio Camp 2012 – Day 5 – A Good Friend

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Welcome back, campers! Week 2 started with talking about friendship: What makes a good friend? How are we good friends? We wrote down our thoughts in our reporter’s notebooks and put some ideas on the board. Overall, we decided that a good friend is nice, helpful, likes to play, is respectful, doesn’t keep secrets — and of course, we are all very good friends!

Finally, we recorded with our friends and the handy-dandy H1 recorders!  Here is just some of what we came up with:

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Download Audio FileAhrian [audio: 2012/Day_5_Friends/Arhian.mp3]

Download Audio FileDe’Von [audio: 2012/Day_5_Friends/De’Von.mp3]

Download Audio FileDominic [audio: 2012/Day_5_Friends/Dominic.mp3]

Download Audio FileHussein [audio: 2012/Day_5_Friends/Hussein.mp3]



Download Audio FileMyesha [audio: 2012/Day_5_Friends/Myesha.mp3]

Download Audio FileNayelli [audio: 2012/Day_5_Friends/Nayelli.mp3]

Download Audio FileShelly [audio: 2012/Day_5_Friends/Shelley.mp3]

Download Audio FileTyjae [audio: 2012/Day_5_Friends/Tyjae.mp3]

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