Radio Camp 2012 – Day 4 – A Time I Achieved Something

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It’s hard to believe an entire week of camp is already done!  We have had an amazing week.  Today we got to get our hands on our smaller H1 recorders.  The campers broke off into groups of 2-4 and learned how to be their own engineers and use the equipment on their own!  As we suspected, they picked it up really fast and started making amazing recordings already!

We took some time to write in our reporter’s notebooks “A Time That I Achieved Something”.  As we all know, there is nothing too small to be proud of.  Whether it was getting on Honor Roll, winning a medal in a sport, getting lots of Promise Dollars in one day, or cheering the loudest in the morning meeting, it was exciting to hear all the things our campers are proud of.  We couldn’t be more proud of them.  Thank you for sharing your pride with all of us!  Here are a few examples:

Download Audio FileAhrian [audio: 2012/Day_4_Achievements/Arion_Achieved.mp3]

Download Audio FileHawa [audio: 2012/Day_4_Achievements/Hawa_Achieved.mp3]

Download Audio FileHillary [audio: 2012/Day_4_Achievements/Hillary.mp3]

Download Audio FileHussein [audio: 2012/Day_4_Achievements/Hussein.MP3]

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