Radio Camp 2012 – Day 3 – A Time I Helped Someone

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Helloooooo radio world! Our camp today was great! We are still learning to work with our professional radio gear, and everyone is picking it up so quickly. There is a TON of natural talent in our class. Even the kids who were a little shy have showed that they have what it takes to be a radio camp star!

We started working on our class chant today too, and the kids got to try out brainstorming, call-and-response, and lyric-writing – many for the first time! We’ll be excited to share that with you sometime next week.

Today we recorded about a time that we helped someone.  Here is what each block came up with:

Download Audio FileBlock 1 [audio: 2012/Day_3_A-time-I-helped/Block-1_Helping.mp3]

Download Audio FileBlock 2 [audio: 2012/Day_3_A-time-I-helped/Block-2_Helping.mp3]

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