Radio Camp 2012 – Day 21 – DIY Radio

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We decided on our own pieces to record in the SLB broadcast studio – some of us sang songs, some told us about themselves, and one even showed of his beat-boxing talents! We surely do have a talented and creative group of kids here in Radio Camp. They are also unbelievably SPIRITED – KWHB was chosen to have the spirit stick again today. I think that makes FIVE days (out of 25 – that’s pretty amazing!) that we were the most spirited kids in all of camp. YAY US!

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Download Audio FileAleah [audio: 2012/Day_21_DIY_Radio/Aleah.mp3]

Download Audio FileAlura [audio: 2012/Day_21_DIY_Radio/Alura.mp3]

Download Audio FileAmera [audio: 2012/Day_21_DIY_Radio/Amera.mp3]

Download Audio FileBrea [audio: 2012/Day_21_DIY_Radio/Brea.mp3]

Download Audio FileChyna [audio: 2012/Day_21_DIY_Radio/Chyna.mp3]

Download Audio FileHannah [audio: 2012/Day_21_DIY_Radio/Hannah.mp3]

Download Audio FileHillary [audio: 2012/Day_21_DIY_Radio/Hillary.mp3]

Download Audio FileHussein [audio: 2012/Day_21_DIY_Radio/Hussein.mp3]


Download Audio FileKiara [audio: 2012/Day_21_DIY_Radio/Kiara.mp3]

Download Audio FileKiara 2 [audio: 2012/Day_21_DIY_Radio/Kiara2.mp3]

Download Audio FileLaura, TyAjah, Ajanae, and Jamia [audio: 2012/Day_21_DIY_Radio/Laura_TyAjah_Ajanae_Jamia.mp3]

Download Audio FileMaya [audio: 2012/Day_21_DIY_Radio/Maya.mp3]

Download Audio FileMyesha [audio: 2012/Day_21_DIY_Radio/Myesha.mp3]

Download Audio FileNathanael [audio: 2012/Day_21_DIY_Radio/Nathanael.mp3]

Download Audio FileNyzier [audio: 2012/Day_21_DIY_Radio/Nyzier.mp3]

Download Audio FileShelley.mp3 [audio: 2012/Day_21_DIY_Radio/Shelley.mp3]


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