Radio Camp 2012 – Day 14 – Interview Time!

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Today, we got promoted to amateur reporters! We interviewed Imagination Exploration and Art Activism, two other activities at Camp King. We ALL did such an amazing job, truly. The proof is in the pudding – give a listen below and tell us what YOU think!

We were so inspired by the work they were doing that we finished up the classes making some of our own artwork and performance pieces. Listen below to hear why!

Interviews with Imagination Exploration
Download Audio FileAleah, Alura, Jamilla and Hannah interview Lexi [audio: 2012/Day_15_Interviews/Aleah_Alura_Jamilla_Hannah.mp3]

Download Audio FileDevonna, Tyjae and Chyna interview Louie  [audio: 2012/Day_15_Interviews/Devonna_Tyjae_Chyna_2.mp3]
Download Audio File
Kiara, Brea, and Mya interview Alaysia [audio: 2012/Day_15_Interviews/Kiara_Brea_Mya_1.mp3]
Download Audio File
Nathanael, Treshawn, and Deandre interview Naychelle  [audio: 2012/Day_15_Interviews/Nathanael_Treshawn_Deandre.mp3]
Download Audio File
Tyjae, Devonna and Chyna interview Anna [audio: 2012/Day_15_Interviews/Tyjae_Devonna_Chyna_1.mp3]

Interviews with Art Activism

Download Audio FileEmir, Dion, and Korey interview Stefan  [audio: 2012/Day_15_Interviews/Emir_Dion_Korey.mp3]

Download Audio FileHillary, Shelly and Dominic interview James [audio: 2012/Day_15_Interviews/Hillary_Shelly_Dominic.mp3]

Download Audio FileJustin and Hussein interview Charmise  [audio: 2012/Day_15_Interviews/Justin_Hussein.mp3]

Download Audio FileMalik and Dhaelynn interview Jason [audio: 2012/Day_15_Interviews/Malik_Daylin.mp3]

Download Audio FileNayelli and Taaliyah interview Lavon  [audio: 2012/Day_15_Interviews/Nayelli_Taaliyah.mp3]

Download Audio FileTy’ajah, Laura, Jamia, and Ajanae interview Janaya  [audio: 2012/Day_15_Interviews/Ty’ajah_Laura_Jamia_Ajanae.mp3]


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