Radio Camp 2012 – Day 11 – Work Hard, Have Fun, Be Nice

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Today, we took a look at some of our blog posts that we missed. We did some writing and recording today, reflecting on KWHB’s tag line of “Work Hard, Have Fun, Be Nice”, which also happens to be the three rules at Camp King. Some of us finished early and practiced for next Tuesday’s talent show! At recess, we watched a live performance of Squonk Opera right on our playground!

Here is some audio that we recorded (and our teachers edited):

Download Audio FileCierra [audio: 2012/Day_11_KWHB/cierra.mp3]

Download Audio FileMaya [audio: 2012/Day_11_KWHB/maya.mp3]

Download Audio FileTyjae [audio: 2012/Day_11_KWHB/tyjae.mp3]


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