Provident Charter School Oral History Project

In partnership with SLB Radio, 7th grade students at Provident Charter School participated in a virtual afterschool program to learn the basics of conducting interviews and learn about the community members who have language-based differences. Together, these students developed the valuable soft skills needed for interviewing — from creating open ended questions, to becoming an active listener. Students then interviewed four adults with language-based differences. 

Below are audio pieces extracted from these interviews.

Colin Diedrich (Founder and President, LDA of Pennsylvania) –  interviewed by Jackson, Aniyah, and Sora

Britt Haefeli (Associate Producer with SLB) – interviewed by Jackson, Aniyah, and Sora

Cynthia F. Glenn (Principal of the New Church School) – interviewed by Jackson, Aniyah, and Sora

Terrica Maddox (Drug and Alcohol Case Manager) – interviewed by Jackson, Aniyah, and Sora

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