Propel Northside – 5th Grade – It’s Cool to Care

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As part of a 12-week Creative Arts program focused on radio broadcasting, Propel Northside fifth graders identified social issues that concerned them. They started by talking about things they liked, and things they would change, about their neighborhoods:
Download Audio FileAbout My Neighborhood [audio: Northside/5th Grade/fun/AboutMyNeighborhood-montage.mp3]
They then researched, wrote and recorded the public service announcements below to promote organizations working to address their issues.  This project was designed to expose students to people making a difference, career opportunities focused on helping people, and the power of clear writing and speaking as a means of conveying information to others.
Download Audio FileCareim, Ja’Mar and Allen — Stomp Out Bullying [audio: Northside/5th Grade/PSAs/Careim-Ja’Mar-Allen_Stomp-Out-Bullying.mp3]
Download Audio FileChaz and Taru — Western PA Humane Society [audio: Northside/5th Grade/PSAs/Chaz-Taru-Jeremiah_WPA-Humane.mp3]
Download Audio FileDaniela and Nayshon — CeaseFire PA [audio: Northside/5th Grade/PSAs/Daniella_Cheyanne_Nayshawn_Cease-Fire-PA.mp3]
Download Audio FileJanelle, Faith and Michelle — YMCA [audio: Northside/5th Grade/PSAs/Janelle-Faith-Michelle_YMCA.mp3]
Download Audio FileJill and Maya — Animal Friends [audio: Northside/5th Grade/PSAs/Jill_Maya_AnimalFriends.mp3]
Download Audio FileJohnaila, Myeir and Delbert — Animal Rescue League [audio: Northside/5th Grade/PSAs/Johnaila-Myeir-Farajah-Delbert_Animal-Rescue-League.mp3]
Download Audio FileJonathan — CeaseFire Pa [audio: Northside/5th Grade/PSAs/Johnathan_Taron_CeaseFirePA.mp3]
Download Audio FileMyia — Homeless Children’s Education Fund [audio: Northside/5th Grade/PSAs/Mya_HCEF.mp3]
Download Audio FileMycah, Arianna and Tamiya — SADD [audio: Northside/5th Grade/PSAs/Mycah-Amia-Arianna-Tamiya_SADD.mp3]
Download Audio FileShakir and Richard — Western PA Humane Society [audio: Northside/5th Grade/PSAs/Richard_Shakir_Blayze_WPA-Humane.mp3]
Download Audio FileTakeyla, Makai and Ellie — Animal Rescue League [audio: Northside/5th Grade/PSAs/Takeyla_Makai_Ellie_ARL.mp3]
Additionally, these enthusiastic students created raps, poems and newscasts that reflected their interests and personalities while learning about file management, getting involved with radio production, and developing their own skills in performing. Here are a few of the highlights:
Download Audio FileAll-Class Sing Along [audio: Northside/5th Grade/fun/ClassSingAlong_10kWatts.mp3]
Download Audio FileCareim and Shakir – Piece of Candy [audio: Northside/5th Grade/fun/Careim_Shakir_pieceofcandy.mp3]
Download Audio FileChaz and Jeremiah – All I Want for Christmas [audio: Northside/5th Grade/fun/Chaz Jeremiah All I Want for Christmas.mp3]
Download Audio FileJanelle, Michelle and Faith – 3B’s Rap [audio: Northside/5th Grade/fun/Janelle_Michelle_Faith_3BsSong.mp3]
Download Audio FileMakai, Tekyla and Malakai – Cake and Donuts [audio: Northside/5th Grade/fun/Makai_Tekyla_Malakai.mp3]
Download Audio FileStephanie – How to Stop Bullying [audio: Northside/5th Grade/fun/Stephanie_Stop Bullying.mp3]
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