Propel Northside – 4th Grade – Fables About the 3 B’s


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As part of a 12-week Creative Arts program focused on the power of the human voice, Propel Northside fourth graders wrote, illustrated and recorded these original stories and fables incorporating the Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible behavior goals of Propel Schools to be presented to rising kindergartners, while also learning about the technology used to make audio recordings.  These stories are also scheduled for distribution via The Saturday Light Brigade radio program.


Download Audio FileAmani S. – The Animals That Fight in the Cafe Line [audio: Northside/Amani_9_FAble.mp3]

Download Audio FileAmani T. – The Cat and the Bird [audio: Northside/4th Grade/Amani_age_The-Cat-and-The-Bird.mp3]

Download Audio FileAnaiya – The Lesson the Rabbit and the Turtle Learned [audio: Northside/Anaiya_9_Fable.mp3]

Download Audio FileAniyah – A Zebra School [audio: Northside/4th Grade/Aniyah_A-Zebra-School.mp3]

Download Audio FileAshlee’Bea – The Sneaky Crow [audio: Northside/AshleeBea_9_FAble.mp3]

Download Audio FileGary – The Fox [audio: Northside/4th Grade/Gary_LD-The-Fox.mp3]

Download Audio FileHunter – Turtle and Rabbit [audio: Northside/4th Grade/Hunter_9_Turtle-&-Rabbit.mp3]

Download Audio FileJa’mese – The 3 B’s in the Cafe Line: The Elephant and the Cheetah [audio: Northside/Jamese_9_Fable.mp3]

Download Audio FileJosh – Crab and Lobster [audio: Northside/4th Grade/Josh_Crab-And-Lobster.mp3]

Download Audio FileKeishon – The Cat [audio: Northside/Keishon_9_Fable.mp3]

Download Audio FileKevin – The Ant School [audio: Northside/Kevin_9_Fable.mp3]

Download Audio FileMackenzie – Me and My Friend [audio: Northside/4th Grade/Mackenzie_Me-And-My-Friend.mp3]

Download Audio FileNathaniel – Come Step in My Shoes [audio: Northside/Nathaniel_9_Fable.mp3]

Download Audio FileNijae – The Funny Eagle and the Quiet Dog [audio: Northside/4th Grade/Nijae_The-Funny-Eagle-And-The-Quiet-Dog.mp3]

Download Audio FileRicardo – The Wolf Disrespects the Cheetah’s Property [audio: Northside/4th Grade/Ricardo_The-Wolf-Disrespects-The-Cheetah’s-Property.mp3]

Download Audio FileSataia – Pony and Cat [audio: Northside/Sataia_9_Fable.mp3]

Download Audio FileSayvion – The Boy and the Animals Playing Games [audio: Northside/4th Grade/Sayvion_The-Boy-And-The-Animals-Playing-Games.mp3]

Download Audio FileTre’Shaun – The Monkey in the Stairway [audio: Northside/Treshaun_9_Fable.mp3]

Download Audio FileTyriq – The Two Sharks in the Big Fight [audio: Northside/Tyriq_9_Fable.mp3]

Download Audio FileZuriel – The Little Bear, the Little fox and the Turtle [audio: Northside/4th Grade/Zuriel_The-Little-Bear,-The-Little-Fox-and-The-Turtle.mp3]

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