Propel Northside – 2nd Grade – Stories of Superheroes and Bravery

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As part of a 12-week Creative Arts program, Propel Northside second graders wrote, illustrated and recorded original stories about superheroes, as well as a time they were brave, while also learning about the technology used to make audio recordings.  Here are some examples of those stories.  These recordings are also scheduled for distribution via The Saturday Light Brigade radio program.

Download Audio FileAJ – The Dumb Girls [audio: Northside/2nd Grade/AJ_8_The-Dumb-Girls_Story.mp3]

Download Audio FileA’mere – Heat Man and Mr. Invisible Guy [audio: Northside/2nd Grade/Amere_7_Heat-Man-and-Mr-Invisible-Guy.mp3]

Download Audio FileAnthony – Fastman [audio: Northside/2nd Grade/anthony_7_Fastman_Story.mp3]

Download Audio FileArgento – The Avengers [audio: Northside/2nd Grade/Argento_7_The-Avengers_Story.mp3]

Download Audio FileBryce R. – Ghost Head in the Bones [audio: Northside/2nd Grade/Bryce-R_Ghost-Head-in-the-Bones.mp3]

Download Audio FileCarmello – A Time I Was Brave [audio: Northside/2nd Grade/carmello_7_A-Time-I-Was-Brave_Story.mp3]

Download Audio FileChristian – Ninja vs. Gomorron [audio: Northside/2nd Grade/Christian_8_Ninja-vs-Gomorron_Story.mp3]

Download Audio FileEvan T. – Cheetah Man [audio: Northside/2nd Grade/EvanT_7_Cheetah-Man.mp3]

Download Audio FileJack – Bazooka Man vs. The Rocket Blaster [audio: Northside/2nd Grade/Jack_Bazooka-Man-vs-The-Rocket-Blaster.mp3]

Download Audio FileJada – Volcano [audio: Northside/2nd Grade/Jada_8_Volcano_Story.mp3]

Download Audio FileJaison – Raider Man [audio: Northside/2nd Grade/Jaison_Raider-Man.mp3]

Download Audio FileJa’Miyah – Superheroes in Space [audio: Northside/2nd Grade/Jamiyah_7_Superheroes-in-Space_Story.mp3]

Download Audio FileJamon – The Best Boys [audio: Northside/2nd Grade/Jamon_8_The-Best-Boys_Story.mp3]

Download Audio FileJohn – The Adventures of Animalman and Catman [audio: Northside/2nd Grade/John_8_The-Adventures-of-Animalman-and-Catman_Story.mp3]

Download Audio FileJustice – Super Justice Saves the Day [audio: Northside/2nd Grade/justice_7_Super-Justice-Saves-the-Day_Story.mp3]

Download Audio FileKayli – The Sisters [audio: Northside/2nd Grade/Kayli_7_The-Sisters_Story.mp3]

Download Audio FileKeyshawn – Electricman [audio: Northside/2nd Grade/keyshawn_8_Electricman_Story.mp3]

Download Audio FileKhalil – The Skateboard Park [audio: Northside/2nd Grade/Khalil_7_The-Skateboard-Park_Story.mp3]

Download Audio FileKimara – The Supergirl vs. the Electricgirl [audio: Northside/2nd Grade/Kimara_7_The-Supergirl-vs-the-Electricgirl_Story.mp3]

Download Audio FileMaisha – Icegirl and the Flying Bee [audio: Northside/2nd Grade/maisha_7_Icegirl-and-the-Flying-Bee_Story.mp3]

Download Audio FileMcKenna – Icegirl:Revenge of the Joker [audio: Northside/2nd Grade/mckenna_7_Icegirl-Revenge-of-the-Joker_Story.mp3]

Download Audio FileNaZyaah – A Time When I Was Brave [audio: Northside/2nd Grade/nazyaah_7_A-Time-When-I-Was-Brave_Story.mp3]

Download Audio FileNico – Superpup vs. Weird [audio: Northside/2nd Grade/nico_7_Superpup-vs-Weird_Story.mp3]

Download Audio FileOwen – Roboboy [audio: Northside/2nd Grade/Owen_7_Roboboy_Story.mp3]

Download Audio FileRachele – Super Soapgirl [audio: Northside/2nd Grade/Rachele_7_Super-Soapgirl_Story.mp3]

Download Audio FileRashard – Fastman the Second [audio: Northside/2nd Grade/Rashard_8_Fastman-the-2nd_Story.mp3]

Download Audio FileShaniya – Stargirl Two [audio: Northside/2nd Grade/Shaniya_7_Stargirl-2_Story.mp3]

Download Audio FileSophia – Batgirl and the Fight Against Rockhead [audio: Northside/2nd Grade/Sophia_7_Batgirl-and-the-Fight-Against-Rockhead_Story.mp3]

Download Audio FileTaeshon – Rockstar Woman [audio: Northside/2nd Grade/Taeshon_7_Rock-Star-Woman.mp3]


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