Propel Northside – 1st Grade – Personal Biographies

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As part of a 12-week Creative Arts program, Propel Northside first graders wrote and illustrated personal biographies and recorded excerpts from these, while also learning about the technology used to make audio recordings.  These stories are also scheduled for distribution via The Saturday Light Brigade radio program.

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Download Audio FileAbby [audio: Northside/1st Grade/Abby.mp3]

Download Audio FileAleisa [audio: Northside/1st Grade/Aleisa_6_My-Life-Story.mp3]

Download Audio FileAlex [audio: Northside/1st Grade/Alex.mp3]

Download Audio FileAlyssa [audio: Northside/1st Grade/Alyssa.mp3]

Download Audio FileAmeriah [audio: Northside/1st Grade/Ameriah.mp3]

Download Audio FileAsia [audio: Northside/1st Grade/Asia_6_My-Story_Story.mp3]

Download Audio FileDavid [audio: Northside/1st Grade/David_6_My-Story_Story.mp3]

Download Audio FileJacob [audio: Northside/1st Grade/Jacob_6_My-Story_Story.mp3]

Download Audio FileJaiden [audio: Northside/1st Grade/Jaiden_6_My-Story_Story.mp3]

Download Audio FileJoey [audio: Northside/1st Grade/Joey_6_My-Story_Story.mp3][/column]

Download Audio FileKiana [audio: Northside/1st Grade/Kiana_6_My-Story_Story.mp3]

Download Audio FileLareigha [audio: Northside/1st Grade/Lareigha.mp3]

Download Audio FileMichael [audio: Northside/1st Grade/Michael_6_My-Story.mp3]

Download Audio FileNeveah [audio: Northside/1st Grade/Neveah_6_My-Story_Story.mp3]

Download Audio FileRowan [audio: Northside/1st Grade/Rowan.mp3]

Download Audio FileShawn [audio: Northside/1st Grade/Shawn.mp3]

Download Audio FileStevie [audio: Northside/1st Grade/Stevie.mp3]

Download Audio FileTrent [audio: Northside/1st Grade/Trent_6_My-Story_Story.mp3]

Download Audio FileWilliam [audio: Northside/1st Grade/William_6_My-Story_Story.mp3]

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